If you are worried that you will not be able to use your pool and Jacuzzi during the rainy, chilly months of the year or very hot sunny days, for extend the pleasure of your summer season, we can offer you Araco Jacuzzi and pool enclosures that does not only protect your pool and allow you more time to swim but also make your pool safer to use.

Araco is manufacturer of pool and Jacuzzi enclosures with using bent timbers. A very strong structure with double-walled polycarbonate wall covering, Resistant to moisture and ultraviolet rays of the sun, Ability to build without restrictions on design, dimensions and size, Also the ability to build custom both animated and fixed Which they can be attached to building/wall or completely free standing so wherever your pool is and whatever style, it can be built Also, the pool compartment becomes much more beautiful by using plants and other decorations inside it.

Advantages of using pool and Jacuzzi enclosures:

  • Enjoy the privacy and beauty of the pool by decreased the visibility of the buildings overlooking the pool and Jacuzzi
  • Prevent leaves, animals, dust and insects from entering the water
  • Prevent the formation of moss and algae in the pool water by reducing the penetration of direct sunlight
  • Use of pool and Jacuzzi environment in all seasons
  • Increase the temperature of the pool water to 10 degrees
  • Reduce the use of water disinfectant chemicals
  • Acts as a safety cover

Features of our wooden pool and Jacuzzi enclosures include the following:

  • High quality and handmade
  • All timbers are kiln-dried
  • Assembly capability & portable
  • Made from pressure treated timbers
  • In range of designs and variety of sizes
  • Ability to build custom without limitations in designs and dimensions
  • Use of durable and suitable woods in different climatic conditions
  • We use colored coatings that are completely resistant to moisture and sunlight
  • The vast majority of our wooden pool and Jacuzzi enclosures are pressure treated for years guarantee against rot and fungal decay.
  • All of our structures can be pre-stained in a variety of colors and customized to suit your yard theme and lifestyle

We provide personal services and advice on your selection. also, you can choose one of our beautiful models or design it yourself, in any case we will make it according to your order.  

Contact us for more information on designs, prices, sizes and install