WOODEN CABIN ( Cottage )

Our wooden cabins are great option for caravan sites and camping sites. They can also be used in your backyard as extra accommodation or simply as a hideout to relax and unwind. Enjoy a stay outdoors without the stress of bad weather or cold temperatures.

Our wooden cabins are custom and versatile and you can easily customize and upgrade your cabins to make better use of and enjoy the environment more. For example, a mini kitchen including fridge and microwave, toilet, basin and quadrant glass cubicle, extra bed, table & chair, sofa bed, curtain for windows, double glazed doors and windows, luxury foam matresses (washable, waterproof), durable flooring

Add some luxury into your glamping experience with the Araco wooden cabins

Features of our wooden cabins include the following:

  • High quality and handmade
  • All timbers are kiln-dried
  • Assembly capability & portable
  • Made from pressure treated timbers
  • In range of designs and variety of sizes
  • Ability to build custom without limitations in designs and dimensions
  • Use of durable and suitable woods in different climatic conditions
  • We use colored coatings that are completely resistant to moisture and sunlight
  • The vast majority of our wooden cabins are pressure treated for years guarantee against rot and fungal decay.
  • All of our structures can be pre-stained in a variety of colors and customized to suit your yard theme and lifestyle

We provide personal services and advice on your selection. also, you can choose one of our beautiful models or design it yourself, in any case we will make it according to your order. 

Contact us for more information on designs, prices, sizes and install