Araco Design aims to create the most completed and equipped set of design, implementation and production of wooden structures in outdoor and interior decoration, landscaping projects and reconstruction and renovation of buildings by using the most experienced personnel and the most advanced methods, machinery and the equipment of the workshop started working, now after several years the result of our work in this field is the following achievements:


  • Designer and manufacturer of outdoor wooden structures

  • Manufacturer of bent wooden structures

  • Manufacturer of wooden home greenhouses

  • Manufacturer of wooden pool and Jacuzzi enclosures

  • Designer, operator and manufacturer of equipment for terrace and roof garden projects

  • Designer and executor of landscaping projects

  • Designer and executor of renovation and reconstruction of buildings

  • Designer and manufacturer of interior decoration structures

  • Participate in domestic and international exhibitions

And today we claim to be one of the best in our work, as evidenced by the projects we have designed and implemented over the years.