Wooden home greenhouse

 The greenhouse is an opportunity to enjoy gardening in all seasons. No matter how much space you have. In order to improve the appearance, performance and use of available space, Araco decided to build low-cost, high-quality home greenhouses.

We believe in producing the best kind of home greenhouses

      And to prove this claim, the following are the features that distinguish Araco greenhouses from other greenhouses:

  • Sturdy structure, resistant to moisture and ultraviolet rays of the sun with double-walled polycarbonate coating
  • Suitable environment for home cultivation, research and organic farming
  • Can be installed in the yard, roof, backyard, terrace
  • Can be installed on soil, mosaic, isolation layer and asphalt
  • Ability to build custom without limitations in design and dimensions
  • Use of wood as an environmentally friendly material and thermal and acoustic insulation to save energy
  • Providing a free package of peripheral equipment with the greenhouse, including: waterproof automatic fan, waterproof lights, switches, sockets and waterproof fuses

Features of Araco Greenhouses:

Optimal use of available space: One of the things that is usually less considered in choosing a greenhouse is the amount of useful space in the greenhouse. In most cases, the choice of greenhouse is based on the floor level of the greenhouse. But one of the main factors in choosing a greenhouse is the useful volume of the interior space. Greenhouse wall height is one of the important factors in the growth of plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes and mainly plants that need longitudinal growth.

This weakness, which exists in most home greenhouses made of metal and plastic due to the weakness of the walls, has been eliminated in the wooden home greenhouses of Araco Company, and this company has the ability to build greenhouses up to a height of more than four meters in length and Unlimited width. Also, if you need to add space to previous greenhouses, this operation is easily possible.

We use nature-friendly materials: One of the factors that led Araco Design to produce home greenhouses using wood is the use of nature-friendly materials. As you know, wood is a natural material that is environmentally friendly and has a higher ability to maintain temperature as insulation, and also the beauty and durability of a wooden structure is much higher than metal structures (in terms of volume and weight).

Araco home greenhouses are made of suitable and durable wood and Made from pressure treated timbers to saturate against rot and wood-eating insects, and All timbers are kiln-dried and the colored coatings used in them create resistance to moisture and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Wood as a natural material is one of the best insulators of temperature and sound.

Creating an isolated environment for better cultivation: Another issue that has received special attention in Araco greenhouses is the prevention of weather passage through the openings between the connections and fittings of the greenhouse, which completely isolates the greenhouse environment. To create the most suitable insulated environment in Araco home greenhouses, the grooves made in the wood for installing the polycarbonates are completely insulated and impermeable.

Greenhouse cover: One of the main parts of a greenhouse is its cover. Among the items that are affected by this item is determining the amount of light required by plants (according to materials, colors, etc.), the overall appearance of the greenhouse, safety, ease of maintenance and longevity. The double-walled polycarbonate coating used in the walls of Araco wood greenhouses easily transmits the light needed by the plant and prevents the passage of harmful uv rays. Prevents rapid changes in ambient temperature due to the presence of 2 or more coatings (depending on need and order) in winter and summer. It also does not break due to impact and in terms of impact resistance, it has up to 30 times more strength than acrylic and 200 times more than glass, and it has an acceptable resistance to fire against polyethylene.


The main reasons for using double-walled polycarbonate sheets compared to glass in Araco home greenhouses:

Light passes directly through the glass and causes a darker shadow of the front object to fall on other objects, which creates problems for optimal plant growth, but its advantage is a larger and clearer view of the environment as well as a clear view. The light passing through the double-walled polycarbonate coating indicates that the light is scattered as it passes through the coating, resulting in less shadow falling from the front object onto the second body, creating better conditions for plant growth.

Reasons for the superiority of wooden greenhouses over aluminum greenhouses:

The first and most important point that should be considered in comparing these two types of greenhouses is the thermal conductivity of the materials used in the greenhouse. Aluminum is a superconductor that has a very high thermal conductivity and also has an electrical conductivity of up to 60% metal, which is not a good choice due to the electrical equipment of the green houses. Wood as a non-electrically conductive material is a better option for use in greenhouses.

The features of the wood used in our wooden greenhouses include the following:

  • High quality and handmade
  • All timbers are kiln-dried
  • Assembly capability & portable
  • Made from pressure treated timbers
  • In range of designs and variety of sizes
  • Ability to build custom without limitations in designs and dimensions
  • Use of durable and suitable woods in different climatic conditions
  • We use colored coatings that are completely resistant to moisture and sunlight
  • The vast majority of our wooden green houses are pressure treated for years guarantee against rot and fungal decay.
  • All of our structures can be pre-stained in a variety of colors and customized to suit your yard theme and lifestyle

We provide personal services and advice on your selection. also, you can choose one of our       beautiful models or design it yourself, in any case we will make it according to your order. 

Contact us for more information on designs, prices, sizes and install

Tunnel Type Green House- Project 01

Tunnel Type Green House- Project 02

Tunnel Type Green House- Project 03

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Wall Type Green House- Project 01

Wall Type Green House- Project 02

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Royal Type Green House- Project 01