A green wall is a free or standing wall that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. Green walls are also called living walls, biological walls and vertical gardens.

A green wall or living wall is a wall that partially or completely has vegetation. Depending on the situation, green walls may be installed indoors or outdoors. There are also various techniques and methods that can create green walls in different dimensions to create space inside or outside the building.

Green walls can be from small and medium sizes to the size of a building facade, which creates peace and beautiful environment. Using green walls is an interesting way to green a vertical surface.

Green walls are very magnificent, they are used in green roofs, front yards, terraces, porches, backyards, and building facades and even indoor spaces, and create a pleasant view and a beautiful environment for you.

There are different types of green walls. Modular green wall or living wall is a type of green wall in which plants are planted in various substrates that are installed on the wall. Modular green walls can be composed of different flower boxes.

Advantages of green walls:

  • The most characteristic advantage is the creation of shade in summer. Dense cover during the summer act as a barrier between sunlight and the walls.
  • Within a period of 24 hours, the plants in a green wall can remove up 87% of the toxins in the air, metabolize the toxins in the air, and release oxygen at a much higher rate in the air.
  • Reduce air pollution and pollutants
  • Decrease the ambient temperature
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Beautify the urban landscape and improve the scenery around the building
  • Creating a very beautiful atmosphere in the living environment

Features of our wooden green walls include the following:

  • High quality and handmade
  • All timbers are kiln-dried
  • Assembly capability & portable
  • Made from pressure treated timbers
  • In range of designs and variety of sizes
  • Ability to build custom without limitations in designs and dimensions
  • Use of durable and suitable woods in different climatic conditions
  • We use colored coatings that are completely resistant to moisture and sunlight
  • The vast majority of our wooden green walls are pressure treated for years guarantee against rot and fungal decay.
  • All of our structures can be pre-stained in a variety of colors and customized to suit your yard theme and lifestyle

We provide personal services and advice on your selection. also, you can choose one of our beautiful models or design it yourself, in any case we will make it according to your order. 

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